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Welcome to home page of EBEC (European BEST Engineering Competition) Central 2012 , until 2011 named ceBEC. In 2012 it has been organized for the fourth time and it has taken place between 17th and 20th May in Graz.


Board of European Students of Technology (BEST) divides Europe into several different regions. Through time regions were changed, but regional engineering competitions still use the old regional system. Therefore the teams competing in EBEC Central 2012 are from Czech republic, Slovakia, Austria, Hungary, Slovenia and Croatia.

EBEC Central 2012 has been hosted by LBG (local BEST group) Graz between 17th and 20th May. Eighty students from Bratislava, Brno, Budapest, Graz, Ljubljana, Maribor, Prague, Veszprem, Vienna and Zagreb (two teams of four people from each city) competed in either Case Study (CS) or Team Design (TD). Eight of them, the best of the best, earned their ticket to European final round which takes place in Zagreb in august.

Both CS and TD have taken place at the same time. They have been 24 hours long, starting in the evening of the first day, 17th May. The next night had been used for resting, because on the 19th there were the final presentations of their work. The grand jury decided that team Jubljana in Case Study and team Veszprem in Team Design deserve to compete for the highest places in EBEC finals. After the presentations there was a cultural programme and participants left on the 20th. The event has been a great success for the organizers, and most participant enjoyed it as well.

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You can get further information, including the history of the competitions, in the About section of this website.

Survival Guide and Schedule

Download the participant survial guide here!